Classic Pedicures

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Classic Pedicure

25 Mins $25 $40

Classic Mani & Pedi

  $43 $78

A quick maintenance pedicure. Includes nail trimming, cuticle care, polish and a 7 minute massage.

Nail Therapy. Natural Treatment. Manicure Pedicure. Woman Hands
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Elegant Pedicure

35 Mins $35 $50

Elegant Pedi & Reg Mani

55 Mins $53 $88

Perfect for those who need a little extra attention on their feet. Includes nail trimming, cuticle care, polish, and a 7-minute massage with your choice from the list below.

  • Foot mask & Sea-Salt
  • Heel treatment
  • Paraffin Wax
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Pamper Me Pedicure

45 Mins $45 $60

Pamper Me Mani & Pedi

65 Mins $70 $100

Enjoy a botanical ice hydrating mask with hot towel wrap, special heel treatment, moisturizing paraffin wax and polish. Finished with a 10 minute massage with your choice of Sea-Salt scrub.

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Royal Pedicure

55 Mins $55 $70

Royal Mani & Pedi

75 Mins $85 $115

This pedicure filled with soap petals, fragrant rose oil, and lotion will have you floating. Includes special heel treatment, earth mud mask, mint scrub, moisturizing paraffin wax, and polish. Included with the Royal Pedicure or Mani & Pedi is the Dream Manicure and Pedicure Spa. The plant essence contained in the spa quickly whiten and clean the surface of your skin. The experience leaves you with smoother and fresher looking skin. All this is finished by a 15 minute hot stone massage with your choice of Sea-Salt scrub. 

royal pedi

Sea-Salt Scrubs

Sweet Melon
French Lavender
Orange Tangerine
Honey Milk
Coffee – Cappuccino

Add On


French Style $5.00
Parrafin Wax $10.00
Shiny Buffing $5.00
Heals Treatments $10.00
Nail Art $7.00+
Sea-Salt, Foot Mask $10.00
Glitter $5.00



Soak-Off Without Re-Gel $5.00
Heel treatment only (w/out pedi) $20.00