There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that are connected to various systems in your body. When these pressure points are massaged, your body responds to it. A good facial massage not just keeps your skin glowing, but it also affects the functioning of the other organs. This is kind of an exercise for your face. And since it is not possible for you to know all the pressure points, you need to visit a professional to get that facial massage.


Mini Facial


A mini facial will leave you with a nice glow in a short time – and for a lower cost. Mini facials give you tighter, smoother, healthier skin, and can even help with acne. Even just a short session can help to correct small imperfections in the outermost layers of the skin, such as sun damage or thin, fine lines.


Acne Treatment


Bacne Treatment


When you squeeze a pimple (or acne), you run the risk of scarring. Acne marks can be stubborn, but facials can help you in treating them. Acne extraction is a crucial part of the facial. A skilled person uses the extraction tool to extract all the whiteheads and blackheads without hurting your skin. This is not possible at home. Blackheads and whiteheads clog the pores and make your skin dull. So, if your skin looks a bit bumpy, it’s time to go for a facial.


European Facial


Luxury European Facial


The first step is the cleansing process. The purpose of this process is to remove any impurities and makeup. The next step is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, which encourages the growth of more skin cells. Steam is used during the next step. The steam is used to deeply clean the pores. Warm towels may be used to apply the steam. Extraction is the next step, but it is optional. Many people opt to skip this step because they find it uncomfortable. The extraction allows for even deeper cleansing. Extraction is followed by a massage. The face, shoulder, and neck will be a massage. The purpose of this massage is to help you relax more. The mask will be applied after the massage. The type of mask that is applied is dependent upon your skin type. The final step in this process is to apply the moisturizer.


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Look and feel your absolute best by getting a facial at Metro Nail Lounge. Our specialists will have your face looking and feeling beautiful in no time. Facials help exfoliate your skin which causes it to look smoother and makes you look younger.